Prenatal Class


How you move your body on a daily basis impacts how you will be able to birth. The prenatal classes will empower you to understand how your alignment & muscular strength is needed to support the weight of the growing baby & prepare the pelvis for the birth.

In this class you will learn to:

• Breathe and encourage calm into your daily life.
• Release muscles for optimal alignment & fetal positioning.
• Stretch the legs & feet to relieve calf cramps & foot soreness.
• Strengthen the gluteals (your butt!) to stabilize your pelvis and spine reducing risk of sciatica.
• Massage techniques with props to reduces tightness in areas like the chest and shoulders.
• Squatting preparations to optimize an open birthing outlet to aid delivery.
• Information on preventing diastasis recti (abdominal separation) & how your alignment is integral in its prevention.

Classes are held weekly at Four Trimesters, 119 Holland Rd, Singapore 278563.
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I've been blessed with 3 beautiful children who teach me new things each day. I laboured my son with the support of my husband, doula and mother in NYC before giving birth in a birth centre (almost a taxi!) with a fabulous midwife. My next two births were to be home water births in Singapore both different but gentle and amazing experiences supported by some amazing midwives who I am forever grateful for having moved to Singapore. Women are strong and I strive to support them physically in gaining the birth that they wish to seek by helping them feel good in their pregnancy and prepare their body for birth.


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