Nutritious Movement™


Nutritious Movement™ is a science based movement program developed by biomechanist Katy Bowman M.S. aimed at obtaining optimal health from a cellular level impacting all the systems of the body.

Its whole body approach uses alignment markers for each individual to align the bones and joints of the body relative to each other so muscles are able to work and function at their optimal length and improve neurological pathways.

When the body is living and moving in alignment one reduces muscular tension and excessive joint use, going even further to improve our circulatory and lymphatic flow, therefore reducing waste & toxins.

Nutritious Movement™ is accessible to all ages and encourages natural full body movement and strives to give the individual tools and knowledge to re-claim their physical wellbeing.

"Our unequenchable desire to be comfortable has debilitated us. Ironic, as there is nothing comfortable about being debilitated."
"Exercise less, move more, move better"
Katy Bowman M.S.


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